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Carry all your gear discreetly with the Authorities Undercover Equipment Belt!

Extremely strong materials and professionally designed belt. With this belt you carry everything you need and make it unprecedented!

Authorities Undercover Equipment Belt is suited to both, right and left-handed carriers. The belt consists of front and back part. The back part can be selected and switch according to the size of the user. The belt is made of elastic material like all belly bands. But this is not like ANY belly band you have seen before!

Authorities Undercover Equipment belt introduces new concept of semi-stiff holsters that allow you to first time ever carry pistol and taser in a belly band in a way that those can be drawn quickly and also holstered with only one hand. Our semi stiff holsters also prevent accidental trigger manipulation.

Your mission defines what equipment you need to carry with you. The Authorities Undercover Belt is possible to pack all of this very closely against to your waist:

  • Pistol (most common service models, the holster does not include to the price of the belt)
  • Taser ( the holster does not include to the price of the belt)
  • 3 pistol magazines (In these pockets you can also store a Leatherman, a torch, etc.)
  • Gas Spray or torch (Spray sizes MK-3, MK-3.5 and MK-4 all fit perfectly)
  • Handcuffs (Chains or hinged)
  • Expandable baton (21″ long expandable batons by almost all manufacturers)
  • Radio (All 21st Century Models)

Professionals like undercover police officers and bodyguards have find that this belt is very comfortable and practical to wear, and it hides the equipment’s underneath the garment while allowing excellent weapon usability.