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The best underbelt for professional use!

Authorities underbelt is designed to meet the needs of authorities and security professionals. Authorities underbelt width is suitable for normal trouser loops and is very thin and flexible. The thin underbelt is comfortable to wear and does not feel inconvenient under your tactical belt or duty belt. Velcro tensioning is a bit narrower than the belt itself, which is very important for ease of use as the sharp and hard edge of the Velcro is not very comfortable. The underbelt mounting surface is optimal in length, securing the belt strongly, but fits in between the belt loops, making it easy to use.

Always exactly the right length belt!

The Authorities underbelt is designed for each user for exactly the right length. The user can decide the length on a 5 cm accuracy! Authorities underbelt is suitable for all users with a waist circumference of 50cm – 130cm. The length of the belt is simply adjusted by cutting the belt at the desired length. Only Authorities belts have 5 cm increments for locking: Cut across where you want, the belt does not discharge on the other side of the joint!

Authorities underbelt is a “traditional model”. The outer surface of the belt has a rough hook-velcro sticker and it will contact firmly to tactical belts or duty belts that inner surface has soft look-velcro. The soft adhesive inner surface is found in the Authorities Crew Belt, as well as many other professionally made tactical belts, regardless of the manufacturer.

NOTE! This underbelt is not suitable for use without tactical belt or duty belt, nor with belts that has breathable inner surfaces. The rough hook-velcro surface is always intended to attach to the tactical belt. Without it will damage other textile materials or scratches the skin. If you want underbelt with soft look-velcro outer surface, check out our Authorities Smart belt

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