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Authorities Tactical vest is the next generation tactical equipment vest! It combines the best of a traditional combat vest (combat vest or assault vest) and a plate carrier. Authorities Tactical Vest is the most versatile and tactical next-generation combat equipment. This is not a compromise. The vest has no weaknesses compared to plate carriers or combat vests and to HI-VIZ yellow equipment vests it brings quite unique features!

Customize your vest with pouches and tags

The entire front of the Authorities Tactical vest is full of MOLLE / PALS cuts. Both vertically and horizontally. Customize your Vest with Authorities PRO pouches or use other MOLLE / PALS attached equipment. On the left side of the chest and on the back is Velcro surface that allows you to attach patches to the vest according to the task, and/or extra pockets. On shoulders, there are removable and movable places for epaulettes so the vest can be safely used as a top garment even in jobs where the regulations require their use. The unique epaulettes mount also allow the MOLLE / PALS cases to be mounted horizontally on the shoulder.

Ballistic protection when needed

Authorities Tactical Vest has ready-to-use pockets for ballistic plates! SAPI plates and side panels of any standard size can be placed in lightning-fast into the vests in their own pockets. The Vest is compatible with ALL ballistic standard 10″ x 12″ (25 x 30 cm) ballistic plates and 6″ x 6″ (15 x15 cm) side plates from level NIJ IIIA soft plates to level NIJ IV standalone plates. When ballistic protection is not required, the ballistic front pocket can be removed if desired.

Versatile integrated pockets

Authorities Tactical Vest front zip pockets are fully accessible with both hands and tactical gloves in hand. There are also separate waterproof inner pockets inside these pockets. The back of the Authorities Tactical Vest has a large outer pocket with zippers on both sides.
When ballistic plates are not in use, their pockets can be used in front as a breast pocket on both sides and in back for a hydration bladder.

Optimized comfort

Excellent breathability through the vest! The entire inside of the vest is lined with 3D Mesh material. The space between the pockets of the ballistic plates and the body is thus padded. The straps are wider than on plate carriers and are also padded with 3D material. Velcro adhesive surfaces for the body are integrated in the front and back for attaching Tac-Vent air circulation plates.

Excellent adjustability, new solutions

The adjustability of the Authorities Tactical Vest makes it an excellent choice for even large organizations. The vest is fully adjustable and sit perfectly for 95% of users.
The circumference of the vest from the chest and abdomen can be steplessly adjusted with three rows of straps. These straps ensure a perfect fit and weight distribution. The new fastening system where the tightening takes place via the front pockets, ensures that there is no need to bundle the ends of the straps separately. Tighten to the desired tension on both sides, close the zipper and that is it!
The waist circumference of vest sizes can be adjusted from 27,5″ (70 cm) to 51,2″ (130 cm)! The length of the vest can be adjusted 5.9” (15 cm). The adjustability ensures perfect fit for taller and shorter users regardless of body type. In large organizational orders, it is also possible to manufacture vests that deviate from the normal size.

Quality like no other

The Authorities Tactical vests are made of the best materials available. The fabric of the vest is the newest laminated IRR Cordura® (Coyote Tan and Ranger Green models), ultra-strong polyamide fabric (black model) and laminated IRR Cordura® (Hi-Viz Yellow model) by C.F.Weber Gmbh Germany; YKK strongest metal zippers in the collection, Alfatex Velcro surfaces, Hethcoat 3D mesh material, AMANN strings, etc., etc. The high-end tactical vest is finished with the work of top-class seamstresses. Our own production facility and highly skilled seamstresses provide the ultimate quality guarantee for the vest.

Authorities vests are designed in Finland and design are protected by international law (registered Community design (RCD))!

  • Ultra strong
  • Customization with patches
  • Multi-use pockets
  • Highest quality cordura, zippers, velcros etc.
  • Customization available


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