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Authorities Smart Belt is the world’s most sensible belt for every user!

Smart belt is an excellent belt for any use. It’s comfortable and smart looking. When using the Smart Belt Velcro tensioning against the body it leaves only a smooth, soft fabric visible!

NOTE! The Belt is 100% metal-free and therefore excellent to fly with!

Thanks to its flexibility and adjustability, Authorities Smart Belt is probably the most versatile belt in the World. When needed, you can use the Belt as a temporary binding tool, a carrying device or even a sweat band.

The Authorities Smart Belt is designed to meet the needs of authorities and security professionals. The features of the Belt make it an excellent choice for any use! The Belt width (38 mm) is suitable for normal trousers. It is very thin and flexible. Velcro tensioning is a bit narrower than the belt itself, which is very important for ease of use as the sharp and hard edge of the Velcro is not very comfortable. The Smart Belt mounting surface is optimal in length, securing the belt strongly, but fits in between the belt loops, making it easy to use.

Always exactly the right length belt!

The Authorities Smart Belt is designed for each user for exactly the right length. The user can decide the length on a 5 cm accuracy! Authorities Smart Belt is suitable for all users with a waist circumference of 50cm – 130cm. The length of the belt is simply adjusted by cutting the belt at the desired length. Only Authorities belts have 5 cm increments for locking: Cut across where you want, the belt does not discharge on the other side of the joint!

Authorities Smart Belt is the opposite of the traditional “underbelt”. The outer surface of the belt has a loop-velcro. For this reason, Authorities Smart Belt is the best underbelt for use with duty belts, tactical equipment belts and battle belts. Authorities Tactical Equipment Belts have a wide inner belt and the Smart Belt fits smoothly under it. The soft surface does not damage the interior of the inner belt 3D material.

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