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Authorities belts are designed to meet the needs of authorities and security professionals. The features of Authorities belts make them the perfect choice for any use. All Authorities under belts are suitable for normal trouser loops and are highly elastic.

The Best under belt for demanding professional use

The Authorities PRO under belt is 50mm wide and it is the best professional under belt in the market. The belt is very comfortable in spite of how hard equipment belt you wear or how much gear you have in your equipment belt! Unique cell structure and 3-layer padding ensure comfort you won’t find in other under belts. The 3D material against the body, combined with the cell structure, makes this belt non-sweating.

The Velcro surface has laser cut MOLLE openings, so you can also use this padded PRO under belt with leather belts (belt loop is included). You can also make the perfect padded battle belt for yourself by tying up the MOLLE / PALS pocket straps from both the outer belt and PRO under belt loops! The Authorities PRO under belt has an optimal strap attachment surface, it provides secure attachment but fits in between the loops, making it easy to use and without having to tuck the under belt over the loops.

Always the right length

Authorities under belts are designed to be exactly the right length for every user. The Authorities belts are suitable for all users with a waist circumference of less than 140 cm. The user can adjust the belt on desired length by cutting it. Cutting usually means that the belt starts to slowly unwind but this will NOT happen with the Authorities PRO under belt. The Authorities PRO under belt does not unwind because it has stitches and lock seam in every 3.5 centimetres.

The Authorities PRO under belt has a rough self-adhesive surface (hook – velcro) on its outer surface and it will firmly be attached to equipment belts that has a soft self-adhesive surface (loop – Velcro) on its inner surface. Velcro surface is slightly narrower than the belt itself, which is very important for comfort. The soft self-adhesive surface is found on all Authorities equipment belts as well as all other professional equipment belts, regardless of the manufacturer. Alternatively, belt loop fastening can be used.

Authorities PRO under belt is designed in Finland and design is protected by international law (registered Community design (RCD))!


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