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NEW Tactical version of our famous AUTHORITIES GEAR hi-viz equipment vest. The Tactical vest has customized PALS laser cuts everywhere so you can attach your favorite pouches and holsters anywhere you like!

It is not just a vest. It serves also as one of the most ingenious PLATE
CARRIER ever designed! Compatible with all ballistic standard 10″ x 12″
(25 x 30cm) ballistic plates and 6″ x 6″ (15 x15 cm) side plates from level
NIJIIIA soft plates to level NIJIV standalone plates.
It is not just a plate carrier. It serves also as HYDRATION VEST. Large
hydration pack pocket in the back makes it possible to stay hydrated
carrying even 5 liter water hydration bladders from most manufacturers.
Evacuation handle is also added to upper back.

Smart design!

The vest has big Velcro surface on left side of the chest in the front and on the upper back. The Velcro surfaces allows you to attach patches to the vest. Patches can easily be switched if needed. On shoulders, there are places for epaulettes so the vest can be safely used as a top garment in jobs where the regulations require insignia of rank to be displayed. The Authorities vest can be easily adjusted. With the adjustment system known from the combat vests, the waist circumference of vest sizes can be adjusted from 29″ (75 cm) to 57″ (145 ccm)! The length of the vest can be adjusted using the Velcro surfaces on shoulders. Thanks to the excellent adjustability, the vest can be easily used in all seasons. The large adjustment capacity also allows for efficient joint use of the vests.

Quality like no other!

The Authorities equipment vests are made of the best materials available. The fabric of the vest is the newest Hi-Viz Cordura® by C.F.Weber Gmbh Germany; it also has Loxy reflective tapes, YKK and OPTI zippers, Alfatex Velcro surfaces, Hethcoat mesh material AMANN strings, etc., etc. Finally, the top of the line tactical vests are obtained thanks to qualified seamstresses. Our own production facility and highly skilled seamstresses provide the ultimate quality guarantee for the vest.

Authorities vests are designed in Finland and design are protected by international law (registered Community design (RCD))!