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Toughest Hi-Viz equipment vest in the world!

The equipment vest is a working accessory designed in cooperation with the authorities, and in line with the needs of the authorities. Because of its quality, adjustability and versatility, it is also perfect for use in the private security sector, as well as for any tasks where staff must be easily seen and stand out from the crowd.

The vest has versatile pockets for carrying necessary use-of-force equipment and accessories while ensuring their easy usability. Less than lethal use-of-force equipment, gas sprays (all sizes) and batons (all lengths) can be carried in pockets regardless of their manufacturer. The pockets design enables you to carry with you a wide range of accessories needed for your duties. The placement of the pockets ensures excellent usability regardless of whether the user is right or left-handed. None of the surface area on vest has been left unused.

The vest has big Velcro surfaces on both sides of the chest in the front and on the upper back. The Velcro surface allows you to attach patches to the vest according to the task, and/or extra pockets. The Velcro surfaces are designed identical in size so the same patches can be used in both regular and large size vests. On shoulders, there are places for epaulettes so the vest can be safely used as a top garment even in jobs where the regulations require their use.

Adjustable and comfortable vest!

The Authorities vest can be easily adjusted. With the adjustment system known from the combat vests, the waist circumference of both vest sizes can be adjusted up to 40 cm! The length of the vest can be adjusted using the Velcro surfaces on shoulders. Thanks to the excellent adjustability, the vest can be easily used in all seasons regardless of the undergarment. The large adjustment capacity also allows for efficient joint use of the vests.

The Authorities equipment vest is available in two sizes:
Normal (Regular) 75–115 cm
Large 105–145 cm

The Authorities equipment vests are made of the best materials available. The fabric of the vest is the newest Hi-Viz Cordura® by C.F.Weber Gmbh Germany; it also has 3M Scotchlite reflective bands, YKK zippers, Alfatex Velcro surfaces, Hethcoat mesh material AMANN strings, etc., etc. Finally, the top of the line equipment vests are obtained thanks to qualified seamstresses. Our own production facility and highly skilled seamstresses provide the ultimate quality guarantee for the vest.

Aurhorities vests are designed in Finland and design are protected by international law (registered Community design (RCD))!

  • Ultra strong
  • Customization with patches
  • Multi-use pockets
  • EN471 Hi-Viz Materials
  • Highest quality Cordura, Zippers, Velcros etc.
  • Customization available

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