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The Authorities belt stiffener is an add-on to make the most of a normal belt or underbelt!

A regular unstiffened belt will quite soon look messy and unattractive if holders, holsters or cases are carried on it. Of course, this is not a problem when using duty belts or tactical equipment belts but sometimes a regular belt or underbelt needs to be used when carrying holders, holsters or cases.

The Authorities belt stiffener can be attached to the desired location on the belt. The belt stiffener only stiffens the desired part of the belt. The non-stiffened part of the belt retains its elasticity and comfort. The Authorities belt stiffener is a rigid and functional stiffener that keeps any belt operating like a new one for much longer than a non-reinforced belt. When using Authorities Belt Stiffeners, the result is a nice balance between non-stiffened belts and super stiff duty or tactical belts.

Authorities belt stiffener are best used with the Authorities smart belt, the Authorities underbelt and the Authorities Cobra belt but can be used with all regular belts when using holsters, holders or cases which have Velcro surfaces.

If you want to or you need to carry holders, holsters or cases with a regular belt, use Authorities belt stiffeners!

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