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The Officer equipment bag is an unique holdall developed in cooperation with the police and the defence forces. Its versatility, usability and quality are of its own class. The materials and workmanship of the Officer equipment bag represent the best Finnish expertise.

 All the details have been carefully thought through with this bag.

Material quality requirements meet the strictest standards and customizability to ensure the compatibility with PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System). The design-protected space dividing system of the Officer equipment bag is unique! The interior of the equipment bag can be divided in five different ways. The Velcro-surfaced extra pockets from various manufacturers can be attached to the space distributor. The lid zippers are connected to the Paracord puller. A4 and A5 size document/accessory pockets are added to the upper surface of the lid. To the bottom surface of the lid, in addition to the MOLLE/PALS webbing, we have placed set of Authorities elastic bands. Equipment of different sizes (e.g. flashlights, visors, truncheons, batons, etc.) can be quickly fastened to the lid without separate holders , pouches or fasteners.

Design is protected by international law (registered Community design (RCD)).

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